Mint Hospitals – We Care for Your Better Health

Mint comes with state-of-the-art world-class facilities and is a multispecialty hospital situated in the heart of Adyar, Chennai. We at Mint are making the best of the exceptionally talented specialists and the latest equipment to provide you with the best medical facilities to ensure the best health for you.

“Adding a whiff of fresh Air”

With state-of-the-art technology and world-class expertise with the constant support of extremely friendly administrative and supportive staff, expert physicians who have degrees from abroad, and the best universities in India, we strive to give nothing short of the best healthcare facilities. Our orthopedics department at Mint Hospitals comes from some of the ace universities in India and abroad. These doctors have been working in several reputed hospitals and are capable of working with the latest AI technology to treat their patients. We have all kinds of latest technologies and well-equipped orthopedic surgery equipment in terms of recovery areas, operating theatres, and post-therapy centers. Our labs are well equipped with top-class image intensifiers, top of a line arthroscopy system, a computer navigation system, and an operating microscope.

Our Core Values :

     ✓ Patient First
     ✓ Unfaltering Ethics
     ✓ Passion For Excellence
     ✓ Rewards Merit
     ✓ Treat People Well
     ✓ Leverage Team Work

We are pledged to continuously strive hard and ensure exceptional quality service, which is safe, compassionate, and affordable healthcare. We do not strive to create the best patient care, we also look to find the best precautionary means so that the illness can be stopped from manifesting. Our team of medical researchers works with a lot of focus to create innovatively, sustaining, and self-serving care in the healthcare sector.

We are continuously updating and upgrading ourselves in terms of technology and latest in medical knowhow to serve you the best. We all share the common vision of becoming world class leaders in our domain and in facilities, and services, providing exceptional patient service, and expert consultation. To provide innovative and cutting edge technology and become competent with the best of the world’s hospitals. We provide a personalized experience to our patients and have looked for ways to innovate the medical facility that goes beyond mere patient treatment.

Our Vision:

To make high-quality healthcare affordable to all seekers of wellness.

Our Mission:

Improve the quality of life of our patients by employing state-of-the-Art technology and exceptional caregivers with empathy and kindness.

Mint Hospitals “Care Philosophy”

At Mint Hospital, the philosophy of care signifies acute commitment. All our team members are pledged with the commitment to giving our patients and their families the care that is supported by the highest order of compassion, technology, and innovation.

We believe collaborating with us empowers you to take better critical decisions, that concern your health. We can improve your health and take care of your well-being and provide the best possible treatment just by working as a team.

“Healing With Care”
We create a highly caring-healing environment. A caring and doting relationship with patients and their families is key to everything we do at Mint.

  • Integrity: we conduct ourselves with honesty and trust and uphold integrity as the most important thing.
  • Compassion: we conduct with utmost compassion, understanding, attentiveness, and empathy towards others.
  • Accountability: we are accountable for all the actions we take and take full accountability for all our actions. We work to deliver medicine of the highest order.
  • Respect: we always treat our patients and their families and our colleagues with sensitivity and dignity.
  • Excellence: we excel in training our staff and those who wish to grow with us in the hospitality industry.

Mint Hospitals – Changing the Entire Paradigm of Receiving Healthcare

A new, advanced and integrated system for our patients requiring better care whenever they need it.
A world-class hospital located in the center of Chennai.
We are passionate about patient care and treat them like family, finding new cures, using the best, finest and latest technology, where we also give teaching to our newcomers and inspiring healthcare internists. We put you at the center of all our activities because we believe in your well-being first.

At Mint, “Ethics is Everyone”

At Mint Hospital, we firmly believe that ethics is the most integral part of the daily care of our patients. We cater to our patients with love, care, and complete dedication. Our institutional core value is ethics and integrity.

At Mint, we change the way you look at life and health.

Mint Hospital – Every Patient is our family and hence utmost responsibility

We at Mint recognize that every patient is a family and needs to be taken care of very delicately and with a lot of understanding. We understand that caring for a patient is very essential and a healing atmosphere can only be created with a lot of care and attention given to the patient and their family. Our multi-disciplinary team is both competent and compassionate and also works with a lot of passion to create a healthy environment around.

We wish to evolve as a dynamic and keep a fluid approach towards responding to change that keeps our patients calm and comfortable and at ease with us. Our team at Mint continuously assesses, plan, implement and evaluate healthcare delivery based on the basis of judgment and evidence. At Mint, we are continuously striving to provide the best and leave no stone unturned towards the delivery of safe, expert, and compassionate care filled with quality.