Cardiology is a branch within the medical fraternity that deals with disorders related to certain parts of the circulatory system and the heart. This field includes treatment along with medical diagnosis of congenital defects of the heart, coronary artery ailments, valvular disease of the heart, electrophysiology and heart failure. Physicians specializing in this field are known as cardiologist which happens to be specialty within internal medicine. There are other specialties in cardiology like cardiac surgery and paediatrics cardiology. While paediatrics cardiology deals with children’s heart related issues, cardiac surgery deals with specialty within cardiac surgery.

Even though cardiovascular system could be linked with blood, cardiology will be not particularly linked to hematology related diseases. Some of the exceptions that affect normal blood functioning would include tropopins, electrolyte disturbances, decreased capacity of carrying oxygen that leads to hypovolemic shock, anemia and coagulopathies.

Specializations within Cardiology

All the cardiologist physicians study whatever disorders occur in the heart. There are faculties within cardiology that studies child and adult heart disorders, although through various pathways of training. Hence, an adult cardiologist is not trained to cure a child and similarly a paediatric cardiologist is not trained to cure an adult. The surgery part isn’t included in the purview of cardiology and falls within the domain of surgery on cardiology. For instance, surgery in coronary artery bypass, cardiopulmonary bypass, along with valve replacement are some of the surgical procedures conducted by cardiology surgeons and not by cardiologists.

Adult cardiology

A specialty within the internal medicine, one needs to study four years of general medicine followed by three-year internal residency in internal medicine plus a three-year surgery fellowship. A surgeon could also further study other sub-specialty in the field.

Cardiovascular System

The basic function within the cardiovascular system will include how processing of oxygen happens inside the blood. This is also called coronary circulation. This circulation system has in it coronary veins and the coronary arteries.

A number of disorders exist within the cardiovascular system, which includes how heart processes nutrients and oxygen in the blood, also known as coronary circulation. The coronary arteries and veins together constitute the circulation system.

Cardiological Disorders

The department of cardiology studies a number of disorders that are treated under cardiovascular system. One of them is acute coronary syndrome, where a broad range of symptoms within the myocardial symptoms of infraction are studied. Artherosclerosis, retinosis, Angina pectosis, and coronary heart diseases are some other common disorders. Broader cardiology disorders include cardiac arrest, myocardium disorders, heart muscle disorder, including cardiomyopathy, pericardium disorders, or even the disorder in the higher wall lining in the heart, including pericarditis types, heart valve disorders, which includes the mitral valve, heart valve, the pulmonary valve, tricuspid valve, heart defects that are congenital, including a range of arterial septal deformities or defects to ventricular septal defects, blood vessel diseases, or even vascular diseases, including aneurysms, thrombosis within the deep vein, varicose veins, diseases in the blood vessels, etc.

There are several types of devices used in cardiology, like different kinds of balloons and defibrillators, types of pacemakers, and stethoscope. Artificial hearts also get used and are studied in the department of cardiology.

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