Nephrology comes from the Greek word nephros meaning “kidney”. Nephrology deals with the prevention of, treatment of, and maintaining proper health of the kidneys. The treatment options include diet restrictions, medication, dialysis and renal transplantation.

Nephrology also deals with the study of systemic diseases that affect our kidneys, like autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension and renal osteopathy. There are many diseases that affect the kidney and are primarily systemic disorders that go far beyond the organ. Some of them are conditions such as ANCA vasculitis, autoimmune disorders along with genetic or congenital conditions like polycystic kidney disease. The department also treats conditions such as acute renal failure, chronic malfunctions, renal stones and electrolyte imbalance.

Our nephrologists are trained and experienced in dealing with renal conditions such as kidney transplantation, dialysis, and cancer in the kidney (onconephrology). Some of the procedures done in the department but limited include biopsy of the native and transplant kidney, fistula management and dialysis access insertion. The department provides a comprehensive solution encompassing education, psychological support and advanced level of care that plays a vital role in well-being of the patients.

Nephrology at Mint

The Mint hospital comes with end to end diagnosis to prevent and cure kidney related diseases. Our Consultants have vast experience and are capable of handling even the most critical conditions in nephrology. We provide advanced renal treatment options and the department is supported with State-of-the-Art diagnostic equipment.

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