The Anesthesiologists at Mint are equipped to ensure that patients are relieved from pain peri-operatively and that administration of anaesthesia occurs in adherence to safety measures.


An Anaesthesiologist possesses broad knowledge of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs. With the help of Anaesthesia, patients are made senseless to enable safe surgical and other critical procedures which are otherwise not feasible. Safe administration of Anaesthesia requires a thorough knowledge of invasive and non-invasive organ support techniques, advanced airway management, invasive and non-invasive hemodynamic monitors, and diagnostic procedures. Anaesthesiologists also possess in depth knowledge of intensive care medicine and play important roles in attending major trauma, and performing resuscitation. Anaesthesiologists form a part of cardiac arrest teams and rapid response teams that are actively involved during treatment of critical emergencies.

Around recent times, the role of anaesthesiologists have widened in optimizing the fitness of the patients, maintaining situational awareness to ensure patient safety during surgery and post-surgery to enhance the process of recovery.

Anaesthesiologists have advanced their expertise in regional anaesthesia and nerve blocks. Effective use of such procedures has resulted in timely intervention and relieve of chronic pain. Today, pain medicine has evolved into a separate super – specialty of Anaesthesia.

Critical Care

Critical care or intensive care is a medical specialty that deals with critically ill patients. Critical care includes providing life-support and constant monitoring. Critical care relies upon multidisciplinary approach of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist and physiotherapists. Patients who are admitted in the critical care units require more specific and categorized patient care than in the wards.

Anaesthesiology & Critical Care at Mint Hospitals

Mint, multi-speciality hospital in Chennai has a very efficient team of anaesthesiologist who work round the clock in the operation theatre, intensive care unit and critical care unit. With sincerity and dedication they are trying to deliver their best. With their constant watch and monitoring, they help patients overcome their pain. At Mint, we provide the finest equipments to our doctors to carry on with their medical procedures.

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