Our expert professionals conduct a wide range of tests to diagnose and address infertility issues in patients.


Infertility is now an increasingly common concern amongst couples in India. Our expert team at MINT Hospitals is now a big boon to all those couples seeking such treatment. We offer all infertility screening workups for both male and female partners using state-of-the-art equipped andrology and IVF labs. Most couples suffering from infertility face peer pressure from family and society and are unable to lead a normal content life but technology and the medical field have advanced so much that miracles can happen. We, at MINT Hospitals, welcome the couple with an open mind with counselling and perform basic tests such as semen and hormone analysis. Couples don’t have to be uncertain anymore, the infertility issue can be solved by proper treatment. MINT Hospital is the best place to overcome your infertility problems by using various Infertility treatments in Chennai.

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