Mint Hospital has a specialized and dedicated multi-disciplinary team of paediatricians who are extremely dedicated towards child care. The team provides expert surgical care during emergencies and ensures that all children are evaluated by trained paediatric specialists.


Children are constantly growing and developing. Our team of medical professionals understand that children have needs that are as unique and diverse as they are: The Paediatric department at MINT Hospitals provides quality care for children from birth through adolescence (age 18) including children with medically complex health needs. We provide health care services that range from Well-Baby Clinic to performing major paediatric surgeries. We will ensure your child receives proper assessments, immunizations and treatment/surgeries.

Health exams, Vision and hearing tests, Vaccinations, General health, Growth and development and offer medical referrals to specialists, if needed.

  • Health exams
    Vision and hearing tests
    General health, growth and development
    Medical referrals to specialist, if needed.

Why choose us and our paediatricians?

Our paediatricians, specialists & nurses care for the medical needs of a child with a family-centered approach at our hospital. Child care requires time and specially trained health care providers with the best child hospital services who understand children of all ages in Chennai. MINT Hospitals ensures to provide the best childcare treatment in Chennai with all types of paediatric services.

Our services include :

Meet Our Doctors

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