Plastic Surgery

Mint Hospital’s team of plastic surgeons offer appropriate procedures to patients addressing their individual cosmetic and regenerative concerns based on their necessities.

Plastic Surgery

The department’s main focus is to reconstruct a patient’s face or body disfigured due to trauma, birth defects, accidents, or burns. The medical staff are updated with the latest developments in technology, techniques and equipment in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery to provide considerate and skilled treatment for patients requiring reconstructive surgery or those in need of cosmetic reworking. The surgeons at Mint Hospital work together to come up with personalised care plans that are catered to each patient’s individual goals and needs. High end medical and surgical equipment assist the surgeons and ensure that the patients receive the best treatment of the highest standards. They also ensure that the patient’s cosmetic and regenerative needs are rightly met.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Balasundaram

Dr. G.Senthil