Spine Surgery

The experts skilled in surgical operations of the spine are well equipped to deal with all possible spinal concerns.

They offer appropriate surgical options based on the requirements of the patients which range from minimally invasive to more complicated ones. The experts work to reduce recovery time and the risk of complications in the patients.

Spine Surgery

The expert medical professionals at Mint treat issues concerning the entire spectrum of spinal disorders, ranging from sciatica and cervical radiculopathy to complex brain and spine cancers. The skilled experts at Mint also deal effectively with issues related to scoliosis (spinal curvature),sciatica, herniated discs, congenital spinal disorders, degenerative disc disease (spinal arthritis), and resolve issues with patients suffering from spinal stability problems which are associated with back or neck pain as well as arm and leg pain that are a resultant of spinal issues.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. B.Yogesh

Dr. G.Venkatesh